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Daylight Savings Time – Petitions challenging it

For a long time Daylight Saving Time practice has been in use. It is greatly felt in the United States of America and other nations that experience the four rotational climatic conditions. So, what is Daylight Saving Time? This is the adjustment of clocks during given seasons in different nations. It is particularly done in summer where longer evening daylight is achieved thanks to Daylight Saving Time. It therefore sacrifices normal timelines. The typical scenario is adjusting clocks by one hour just before spring sets in. The readjustment of the clocks back to normal time is then done in autumn.

Why should this adjustment of clocks be done? What is the significance of doing it? These questions have controversial answers among many people. Americans have always had varied reactions to the same questions. There are those who are for Daylight Saving Time and those who wish that it be abolished. Most experts have it that proponents and those against it all have some facts that can be verified. To back up the controversy, there are already petitions challenging the practice. Findings have been brought forward to support it.

It is good to note that countries that lie along tropics have the biggest use for Daylight Saving Time. Continents like Africa that are at close proximity to the equator seldom experience climatic conditions that would necessitate the use of Daylight Saving Time. For those who support it, one of the reason they bring forward is lengthening of time hence creating time for leisure activities. They claim that this has positive effects on health. Further ascertains are that it leads to saving of energy and reduction of rates of crime. All the above have however been challenged by those who oppose it.

Those against Daylight Saving Time claim that it actually wastes energy. They have cited the increased consumption of fuel by motor vehicles as an example of the energy wastage. Much as there is a very small percentage of saving of energy, the pundits suggest that the wastage overrides the wastage. On the economic front, they suggest that much as sellers of goods and services benefit from the extra hour, there are costs incurred in running operations for the extra hour.

People don’t seem to agree on the effects Daylight Saving Time has on health globally. First of all, there are the obvious benefits of having an extra hour for engaging in leisure activities which are good for your health. However, petitioners who are against the practice argue that the negative health implications outweigh the positives. They have cited research data that suggests that shifting of clocks could increase chances of a person having a heart attack. Disruption of sleeping time has also been noted as having small but significant negative effects on the health of a person. It therefore remains to be seen if petitioners against the practice will have their way in having it terminated.

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