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What Should Be In Your Mind When Buying The Crabs

When you are planning to purchase the crabs, there are some factors that should be in your mind. Eating the crabs is a tradition that most of the countries are embracing due to the tasty nature of the crabs. Below are some of the tips that you can use to ensure that you get the fleshiest type of the crabs.

Analyze The Conditions That The Crabs Are Exposed To

The storage of the crabs determines the quality that you will have. The crabs need to be maintained in dry containers. It will be difficult for the crabs that are placed in the container of water to have the fleshy meat because they will use most of their reserves in their movements. You should go to the seller that has several customers as most of the crab will be sold within a day.

Be Sure About The Gender That You Need

You should ensure that you ask the vendor to give you the type of the gender that you need. Going for the male crab ensures that you play a role in conserving the female species of the crabs. leaving the female behind ensure that they can continue to reproduce to increase the production.

Be Sure Of The Sizes That You Need

You will be requested for the size that you want and you should ensure that you have an idea. The sizes will range from the small to the biggest. The crab seller uses the numbering from one to three to size their crabs and the number one is the biggest.

Verify The Quality Of Thee Crabs

You can easily identify the low-quality from the high quality. You can use your hands to squeeze the back of the crabs. Those that do not crack after the hard press indicates that they are full of mustard and have the flesh.

Identify The Audience That Will Participate In Eating The Crabs

You need to be sure of the crab picker whether you are buying it alive or steamed. When you have the kids on the table, you should ensure that you go for the ones that can be easily picked by the kids.

For crabs, you should go for the types that have the dull shells. A dull shell is an indicator of molting and they will have more meat. You should be sure that your supplier is a reputable dealer that only deals with the crabs that do not have any kind of smell.

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